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Your Weekly Wellness Workshops: For Health, Growth, Prosperity & Support with Jeannie Spencer M.H., C.HT

Wednesday Evenings from 6:30 to 8:30pm

Live your best life each and every week, learn powerful life-changing tools for your personal growth and development. Attend the in-person sessions at Cloud9 up to 4 x per month (8 hours) or catch up with the tools and sessions via our online community, whichever best suits your schedule. Hosted by Jeannie Spencer.

Your Monthly Subscription Includes:

Explore Cloud 9 Workshops

Watch A Class: Gratitude Through Kindness


Side Effects

What Can I Expect?

Each week we will cover new topics and tools. You will create your own goals and if you chose to share them within our small community then you will also benefit from ongoing support and accountability. We will work through the entire wheel of life in our goal setting which truly covers a well-balanced living experience.

Areas of Focus

Weekly Benefits May Include