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Healthy Body Healthy Mindset 12 Week Hypnotherapy Program

Being comfortable in your body is more than the food you put into it.

~ Jeannie Spencer

Healthy Body Healthy Mind 12 week Hypnosis Membership today!

Hello and Welcome!

I wonder if you could imagine yourself 12 weeks from now (June 22nd) with an incredible feeling of success, feeling strong in body, spirit, and mind.

This program is based on a mindset approach to weight management. I have designed a simple and easy-to-follow model for using hypnosis to find and resolve core issues that have been responsible for keeping that old excess weight on.

In this 12-week hypnosis program you will learn how to write your own powerful hypnotic suggestions that speak directly towards your subconscious mind. It is not only about losing weight, faster and easier than ever before, it is about creating life-long habits and rewriting the old beliefs that have been holding you back. Becoming physically fit and mentally healthy requires the implementation of several habits and nurturing a powerful mindset. Each week you will learn new and easy-to-implement habits and thought processes. As you create successes week after week, you build up your sense of self-confidence, so that by the time you complete this 12 week hypnosis program, the habits will have become integrated into your life for good and you will even begin to experience successes in many other areas.

As you proceed through each week you are gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, building your confidence and self-esteem in profound new ways.

Prior to meeting as a group, I will meet one to one with each participant for 1.5 hours where together we will uncover the unique limiting beliefs that have been getting in the way of creating the successes you desire with your health. You will be impressed by this very straightforward technique that I have developed to make tangible lasting changes.

The group sessions are in-person weekly at the beautiful Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Studio.

We will work together to create powerful new beliefs that you can accept, and you will implement these suggestions into your weekly hypnosis sessions so they will become deeply imbedded into your subconscious mind. The most powerful and effective suggestions are the ones you create and repeat to yourself. They are doubly effective because they are based on your own core beliefs. This is an extremely powerful process.

This Healthy Body Healthy Mindset program is an easy way to use your mind more effectively. It is no different than going to a gym and using a personal trainer to get specific muscles in shape. I am excited to be your very own personal trainer for your powerful mind.

All the very best,
Jeannie Spencer

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist since 2002

12-week Healthy Body Healthy Mindset Program Starting April 6th 6:30 pm till 8:00pm

The benefits of the in-person classes: (ONLY 6 SPOTS AVAILABLE)

12-week Healthy Body Healthy Mindset Program

The benefits of the online-only classes:

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or you can secure your spot by sending an etransfer to Password: Iamready or you can complete your payment through Paypal with the buttons above.

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Program Outline

Starts on April 6th, every Tuesday evening Class ends on June 22nd

Week 1: The Foundation: During this week, we are creating the foundation for this program. Our objective this week is to:

Week 2 – Hunger Dial:
You will learn to detect the difference between real hunger and emotional hunger. Hunger Dial Hypnosis Session.
Week 3 – Screen of the Mind:

In this session, you will work with two screens. A screen with your present weight situation the way it is now and another screen that brings into reality the new behaviours and body you will create. The screen of the Mind Hypnosis session.

Week 4 – Access the Cause:

In this session, you will go back in time to the root of the problem. Sometimes just getting an understanding of what’s causing weight can help it resolve on its own. This will be a way to find out at an even deeper level, what beliefs are responsible for keeping this extra weight on. At this level of awareness, we can invite new resources to help you with your endeavours, where you may have been hindered in the past. Access the cause Hypnosis session.

Week 5 – Drinking Water:

The effect that water has on the body is enormous. The suggestions in this program will help begin to create weight reduction by simply drinking water. Drinking-Water Hypnosis session.

Week 6 – Exercise:

This week we will add exercise to the program. In a fun way that works best for you! Exercise Hypnosis session.

Week 7 – Healthy Eating:

This week the focus will be on healthy eating habits that will work for you. Healthy Eating Hypnosis session.

Week 8 – Metabolism:

This week we will work with a hypnosis technique for turning up the metabolism and get it working at a level to help in burning calories and increasing energy. Boost your metabolism Hypnosis session.

Week 9 – Banish Old Patterns of Behavior for Good:

During this session, you will utilize one of the most powerful techniques of Neuro-Linguistics Programming. This technique was originated by the famous Psychologist, Richard Bandler, and has since been widely used by students of Tony Robbins books and seminars. It’s called “Swish.” Swishing allows one to switch the representations of things now considered desirable with things that would be more beneficial. Once you learn how to Swish, you can apply this technique to help change any habit you desire to change.

Week 10 – Melt Fat:
In this session, you will work with the cells within the body. Melting Fat Hypnosis session.
Week 11 – Reshaping Your Body:

In this session, you will work with the outward appearance of the body. Reshape Your Body Hypnosis session.

Week 12 – Maintenance:

This week will summarize everything you have been learning over the last eleven weeks. The hypnosis suggestions will be around reinforcing success already achieved, as well as giving additional motivation to keep going. Maintenace Hypnosis session.