How Does It Work?

Are you ready to experience life on your own terms, knocking off your goals, enjoying truly fulfilling relationships and manifesting your dreams? Hypnotherapy can help you create the life you imagine – and the life you deserve.

How Do Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Work?

Imagine a life in which you are completely comfortable and in control – one in which you’re achieving your goals and feeling entirely satisfied with who you are. This is what you can accomplish through hypnosis and hypnotherapy. At some level, everyone has experienced hypnosis.

  • Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming and lost track of what’s going on around you?
  • Has your mind ever wandered to something else during a less-then-captivating class or meeting?
  • Have you ever been so absorbed in a book, movie or television show that you haven’t realized how much time has passed?
  • Have you ever driven a familiar route, only to arrive at your destination and suddenly that you don’t remember any of the trip?

Each of these is an example of a hypnotic trance. So yes, you’ve already experienced hypnosis! While hypnotized, you remain in full control – with full awareness – at all times. The process is pleasant and relaxing, and you’re completely capable of normal function after each session.

Using hypnotherapy, I can use hypnosis to teach you how your mind works. You’ll learn about post-hypnotic suggestions, triggers, psycho-physical responses and much more. Your mind is limitless to what it can achieve. We simply need to tell it to only accept the truths that add value to your life—and ignore the beliefs that limit your potential!

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Potential?

The next time you see a pair of red shoes you will remember this website and Invision Your Life …. the more you try not to remember this website … the stronger you will remember Invision Your Life … red shoes are now a symbol of how powerful your mind truly is … from this moment forward whenever you see red shoes you have an overwhelming desire to learn more about how hypnosis can work for you … you now understand that hypnosis takes place when you accept a suggestion and that is why the next time you see a pair of red shoes you understand that you are learning more about how your mind works in a positive way.

Invision Your Life