Beat Negativity with Just Four Words

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May 11, 2018

Beat Negativity with Just Four Words

Jeannie Spencer, M.H. C.Ht., Invision Your Life
North Island Midweek, May 2013

Negativity and resentment can – and do – rear their ugly heads in even the most loving relationships. Over time, and without conscious awareness, this negativity can sneak through the back door of your mind and affect your overall self-perception, confidence and esteem.

Though it only takes a moment for your partner to say something hurtful, the effect of those words multiplies every time you replay them in your mind. How can you prevent this, and empower your own self-confidence? With four simple words: “I REJECT that suggestion.”

Say your partner comes home from work to a sink full of dirty dishes and, during the ensuing “discussion,” you’re accused of being lazy. When we’re able to be objective, some accusations can be a good way to learn about ourselves and challenge our beliefs. If the accusation is not true, however, then we must reject it. Protect yourself by taking a deep breath and saying to yourself, “I reject that suggestion.” As simple as it sounds, this sends a powerful signal to your subconscious mind to let the statement go.

Often it’s not our partners that are the worst offenders. I know very few people who talk to others as badly as they talk to themselves, so be sure to use these four words “internally” as well. They’re just as effective when you think them as when you say them.

It can also work the other way around. When words are spoken in love and are in alignment with your beliefs, stating “I ACCEPT that suggestion” will give your relationship and self-confidence a boost.

This simple technique is akin to turning up the volume of things that resonate in alignment with your character and turning down the volume of things that don’t. The couples I work with are amazed how much better they feel when implementing these two simple tips.

Jeannie Spencer is a clinical hypnotherapist, motivational speaker and coach specializing in couples, singles and birthing. To find out how she can help you “Invision Your Love,” book a free consultation at or call 250-702-4769.

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