Rekindling romance with cheap date nights

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May 11, 2018

Rekindling romance with cheap date nights

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Rekindling romance with cheap date nights

Jeannie Spencer, M.H. C.Ht., Invision Your Life
North Island Midweek, May 8, 2013 

Romance is alive and well – at least in some households. If yours isn’t one of them, don’t worry; there are plenty of ways to rekindle romance without spending a fortune.

Vancouver Island offers a beautiful backdrop for romance and myriad opportunities for a cheap date night. Pack a picnic, take a drive and be ready to pull over and watch the sunset or just enjoy a quiet, uninterrupted moment. Alternatively, order a pizza or cook that meal you read about in a food magazine and have date night at home. Curl up with a good movie and simply enjoy each other’s company.

In my practice, I often work with couples who want to rekindle romance, increase intimacy and release resentment. One idea I’ve seen work well is to fill a jar with all the things you and your partner want to do. Each week, pull out one thing and do it. Acting upon these new ideas will help you reconnect and get back that loving feeling, and the surprise factor will keep it exciting!

Rekindling romance can be as simple as a romantic gesture. Slip a brief love letter into your partner’s pocket, do more than your share of the chores or just do something thoughtful for your partner that will mean a lot to them. Your spontaneity will be appreciated in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

Romantic gestures and date nights are a great way of showing your partner that they’re wanted, desired and appreciated. That will go a long way toward sparking that flame and re-igniting the passion.

I invite you now to envision your future together – not just an extension of your present relationship, but what you’d like it to look like over the next 10, 20 and 30 years. Now start working together to make that vision a reality.

Jeannie Spencer is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, motivational speaker and coach specializing in couples, singles and birthing. To find out how she can help you “Invision Your Love,” request a free consultation at or call 250-702-4769.

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